Signet, Signal, Symbol

Walter Diethelm
🗀 38550401401
📖 ABC Verlag

This book incorporates pictorial examples of over 2,00 signs and signets in modern society. The book is arranged according to subject, and provides an analysis of sign competitions and the development of the sign as language. Includes text in German, French and English. Featuring works by Paul Rand and Adrian Frutiger.

In the words of Matt Y.

Signet, Signal, Symbol is subtitled, Handbook of International Signs. The author Walter Diethelm, writes an intriguing argument that the sign is the basis of the «image» and imparts greater clarity than language itself. Diethelm begins with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (“Ta-ta-ta ta”) and transitions to traffic and safety symbols through Olympic iconography. Finally, and inevitably, there is a showcase of logos. But who doesn’t love 100 pages of grids and grids of logos? There is a touch a semiotics with the conclusion of signs transcending language but most of Diethelm’s real thought is in the introduction and simple walkthrough before the hundreds of logos that weigh down the back end. Overall, this is a really fascinating book with a unique take on signs. Looks like it might be hard to grab a copy for less than $200 but that sounds good to you—jump on it!