Sign Symbol & Form

Raymond Ballinger, Louis Bowen Ballinger
📖 Van Nostrand Reinhold Company

A pictorial study of signs and symbols throughout the world, with explanatory text. Examples of aesthetically pleasing signs as well as the more practical use of signage for traffic control, safety warnings and product identification. Chapters on materials and fabrication, lettering and numerals, flags and pennants, and electric signs.

In the words of Matt Y.

This book was part of our initial package from Dave Cuzner. It’s easy to see why: this book is a photo essay of Louise Bowen Ballinger and Raymond A. Ballinger traveling across Europe and North America in search of signage, architecture, and symbols in wayfinding. The book categorizes by materials and fabrication as well as form and definition. All photos are by the authors in search of meaning through nonverbal language of signs and signage.

In a review of this book, writer, “MC” says, Signs are such a commonplace sight in our everyday lives, that we can easily miss the artistic beauty and graphic harmony of the symbols used. Thoughtfully well designed and planned signs communicate with a simplicity and directness that signmakers and designers have adhered to for ages.

Not long after adding this book to our collection I ventured to a used book sale and found this same book, same edition. I think I paid $5. It’s on Amazon for $6.57. Some books from our collection cost more than a couch. This one will set you back less than $10 and make you look good.

I still wonder: are they married or are they siblings?