Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook

Betty Crocker
📖 Golden Press

Spiral bound hardback featuring 491 recipes and menus including a When-Company-Comes section.

In the words of Kyle B.

Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two has become an institution. Published and republished over the years, this is THE 'For Two' book to have: beautiful binding, complex information layout, beautiful illustrations by Charley Harper (on almost every page), a note on the first page from The Murphys (“For Helen! Happy Eating!”), an index with an alphabet soup illustration, and some jovial long-form hand lettered titles.

Betty Crocker’s idea of middle class femme aesthetic (the intro says it best: “This book is designed especially for you brides, business girls, career wives and mothers whose children are away from home. [...] We hope that you small-home-makers everywhere will enjoy this little volume of friendly fare...”) is my idea of everyday all the time high quality book design.